Thank you for visiting my music page and taking the time to listen to the original songs I have written and produced. I do not identify myself as a solo musician but as a member of a band called uMan ERA which I formed in 2012. I have written the lyrics and melodies for the music which the group has recorded and that we perform live whenever we get the chance to play out. It has been an honor and a great experience working with past and present members of this band on stage and in the studio.

In writing music and the songs on my playlist, I always attempt to tell a short story and present a theme. Some are humorous, some sad or angry. All are drawn from my own life experiences, my own mistakes or successes, and my own view of current economic and political affairs. Some of the songs take a look at historic events. Hopefully each piece carries the intended emotions through the lyrics, melody, vocal harmonies, percussion and guitar leads. Please read along with the posted lyrics for each song if you would like to.

My own journey as a musician began when I was young, on the drums.  I wrote many lyrics for songs over the years, mostly in the last twelve. As a drummer I did not feel able to fully express these song lyrics and set out to put them to music by learning to play guitar and form a band to finally complete, produce, publish and perform them. Many of the songs on the playlist I have written since the band was formed.

Some people have said that I carry my drumming over into my guitar playing and it has helped create a somewhat unique sound. Perhaps this is true. I seem to migrate to a more punk, hard rock, grunge approach to the music with heavy attack at times; a result of my own preferred music listening choices and influences over the years. I think though, there has been a steady progression in my own and the bands overall sound as we have gained experience and confidence album to album.

As for the band moving forward, CD4 is almost complete, so more songs will be posted to the playlist very soon. I hope you will enjoy what you hear for now and come back to visit to give the new material a listen. Thank you for visiting!

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 Our present uMan ERA line up for 2017 is JOE LONGO (Rhythm & Lead Guitar / Lead Vocals), PHIL BICKHART (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals), MICK DRAGONS (Bass Guitar / Vocals), and BILL CARLO (Drums / Backing Vocals), TOM KOOP Sr. (Drums / Backing Vocals) contributes on 2 new songs and retires after 3 years as his band mates wish him well! We now welcome Nelson Negron as our new drummer to close out 2017 and then begin a new year. 

My Playlist tracks are a good representation of uMan ERA's live performance and sound, as we recorded our songs as we would play them on stage with very little over dubbing. 'BAD DECISIONS is us; raw, plain and simple! ONE BLUE SKY, takes it up a notch with some special effects, enhanced vocal harmonies, and additional sounds with lead guitar on several tracks by Craig McMurray, bass guitar by John Zawicki, and acoustic guitar by Chris Shrive. BIG MONEY slams it with some punk style songs and more melodic rock! Our next full LP album is due for release early this Fall 2017! 

2017 - SELFIE QUEEN (Single Release) Team  
Joe Longo – Rhythm / Lead Guitar and Vocals  
Phil Bickhart – Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals  
Mick Dragons - Bass and Backing Vocals  
Bill Carlo - Drums and Backing Vocals  

2016 - BIG MONEY Album Team  
Joe Longo – Rhythm / Lead Guitar and Vocals, Percussion Effects  
Tom Koop, Sr. – Drums and Backing Vocals  
Phil Bickhart – Bass and Backing Vocals  

2016 - EVIL, I (Single Release) Team  
Joe Longo – Rhythm / Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals, Percussion Effects  
Tom Koop, Sr. – Drums and Backing Vocals  

2015 - ONE BLUE SKY Album Team  
Joe Longo – Rhythm / Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals  
Tom Koop, Sr. – Drums and Backing Vocals  
John Zawicki – Bass and Backing Vocals  
Craig McMurray – Contributions on Lead Guitar  
Chris Shrive – Contributions on Acoustic Guitar  

2014 - BAD DECISIONS Album Team  
Joe Longo – Rhythm / Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals  
Tom Koop, Sr. – Drums and Backing Vocals  
Slug Yankowy – Bass and Backing Vocals  

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